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Resume writing tips offered here will aid in landing your dream job with some Resume Format to use and curriculum vitae samples.

Resume Writing Tips and Popular Questions

We have been receiving loads of questions on resume writing tips, such as:

  • How do I write an exceptional resume,
  • What should we write in a resume,
  • How do I write a resume with no Job experience,
  • How do I prepare a resume and,
  • What skill should I include in my resume to get my dream job

The above and many other questions from our readers form the aim for writing this post. Trust me, you will get all your questions answered right here.

Firstly, writing a resume is an overwhelming task. But with good understanding of what you want and the help of career coaching, the task can be a lot easier.

Did you just say, I don’t Have a career coach?

There is nothing to worry about, this post got you covered.

Resume Writing Tips

It is not news that having an exceptional resume is crucial to landing you your next Job. But the problem as always been the ability to write a compelling and detailed resume that any employer can’t resist.

Many resources have been written on writing a resume, few actually have a detailed tips on how to write an exceptional resume that will attract more interview offers and land you your dream Job.

Also, many think they have an idea of how to write a good resume.

Truth is, Those your Idea don’t work anymore.

If you have been submitting your resume and have not attracted any interview, then you will need to read through this resume writing tips or simply contact us for a polished resume or request for a sample resume.

How to Write an Exceptional Resume (Best Resume writing Tips)

Most employers spend less than six seconds looking at each resume. So your resume must be compelling and good enough for it to make it to a second round of review, if not, it might as well be trashed like others.

Now, if you want to write your own resume by yourself, we recommend the following Resume writing Tips.

  • Tip One: Review Some Resume Samples

Before your start writing or working on your resume, the first thing to do is to review resume examples that fit your employment situation.

There are many sample resumes online, but a good source is your career coach or your mentors in your career path.

We also recommend getting and reviewing some Resume Templates that you can customize to suit your potential job description and career development.

  • Tip Two: Choose The Best Resume Format

Once you get some resume samples and templates, the next resume writing tips is to select a style and format that best highlight your strengths and achievements.

What the above means is that, you have to select from the several basic types of resume that best suits your job opening. So decide on the on one that best fit your skill set, work experience, educational background etc.

You can then edit it properly to build your resume making sure it does not look copied. Be careful not to copy and paste every content on the sample resume.

Make sure you choose a different font that makes your resume clear and readable.

  • Tip Three: Add Contact Details

Remember to include in your resume all your contact information so that employers can easily get in touch with you. you can put in your resume the following;

• Full name
• Address (Street Address, City, State, Zip code)
• Phone number and
• E-mail Address

You can as well put a link to your LinkedIn profile or other professional websites that you are featured on.

Best Resume Writing Tips

  • Include Experience and Educational Section

Next is to add up your other profile details. This should highlight your

• Objectives: this should be directed towards the job description

• Professional experiences: this should include all your on the goal experiences, it may show case your accomplishments so far.

• Educational experiences: Highlight your educational accomplishments from the most recent down to the least(older ones).

• Skills Obtained: This should include other related skills or additional skill sets. The weight should be targeted on the job in view.

You can’t add skills that are not relevant to the job description.

You can also highlight other things like awards and recognition, publication(if any), Professional memberships and certifications.

  • Identify Your Quality Accomplishments

Most organisations are looking for those that will help them solve a problem or meet a need in their company.

Thus, you only stand a chance of been considered if you highlight some ways you have met similar needs or solve familiar problems either personally or for other company.

This is why you should include in your resume a collection of all your accomplishments as it relates to the job description. Try to include what you did and not what your job was.

You can as well quantify your accomplishment, Though not all of your achievements are quantifiable, but adding numbers to your resume can serve as powerful negotiation tools when the topic of salary arises.

  • Review Your Resume

Go through your resume and make sure everything is in place. Below are some things to do in order to give your resume some finishing touch.

• Do a spell check on the entire resume. You can’t misspell your name or make grammatical errors.

• Include some keywords that appear in the Job description ( Remember to do this also in your cover letter).

• Try not to exceed two pages in your Resume

• Remember to include your referees and their contact at the end of your resume (if requested for).
I trust you find this resume writing tips useful, post your questions in the comment box below.

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