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Recruitment Day Tips – How to secure your Dream Jobs


Recruitment day preparation and ideas varies from organization to companies and the Job you applying for. The necessary preparation for employee and employers on recruitment day tips also varies.

You don’t have to get your hopes too high as organizations may or may not delve directly into employment of candidates after the recruitment day exercise.

Recruitment Day Preparation

This applies to both organization, staffs and potential employee.

There are lots of activities that will run you over if you are not prepared for the organization’s recruitment day exercise.

Below, we’ve outlines some recruitment day tips and preparation guidelines that will aid a smooth and conducive activity on your recruitment day.

Below, let’s take a look at how organizations and potential employees alongside the public can prepare for a successful open day.

Recruitment Day Tips and Preparation for Employers / Organizations

Preparation – One of the first recruitment day tips you need to note is that, this is going to be a whole lot of busy day!

However, you need to put lots of checks in place to avoid fatigue on the part of your staff and management.

Adequate preparation that is checkmated by more preparation before the recruitment day needs to be put in place.

Date Fixed – You need to fix a day that will be more convenient to your staff, say for example, a half day like Friday in most nations would be a Much welcomed idea to table before your staff.

You need to fix your recruitment day to a period when you are not doing any major stock keeping, auditing or office makeovers.

Staff Assignment – You will need to assign specific task to specific staffs during the recruitment day opening.

The essence of assigning staff is to ensure that, it will aid the delegation of duties. Won’t it be lovely if you have everything working in accordance to your plan on your recruitment day?

Assign specific task to your staff and ensure that, you have your best orator at the disposal of your would be employees.

When assigning a staff, be sure to assign someone who has vast knowledge about the organization in question and can take the heat of attending to multiple questions at the same time.

By all means, you must avoid the incident of using a staff who possesses little to no knowledge about your organization on your recruitment day.

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Recruitment Day Tips

Below are some of the tips you might need to scale through your recruitment day and maximize the event to your advantage.

We know by now, you must have profiled your guest and know one or two things about them.

It is going to be a mini-picnic for your guest but a lot of working around the clock for you and your staff.

Therefore, you should ensure that, the day yield to the advancement of your organization by inculcating the following.

  • Watch out for the smart ones

The very smart and dedicated guest must have gone through the history of your organization and probably have questions that aims at sharpening their minds.

You will have these kind of folks throwing questions around and wanting to know more.

However, watch out for the smart members of your guest who keep to themselves and are reserved.

This is because, asking question is an ability to know more; however, the smart ones might have known a whole deal of your organization via research and familiarize with a few aspect of your operations – these ones will often keep to themselves. Watch out for them

  • Ensure it is educative – Yes, the essential aspect of your recruitment day might be best know to you; however, make it as educative as possible.

Any knowledge you invest might not be harvested immediately but it will also serve as an advertisement strategy as attendees will definitely share their experience via word of mouth which is a very potent investment.

  • Have Fun! – Remember to have fun on your recruitment day exercise!

Lighten up and have fun! Let the joy of the day radiate around the entire office complex!

Let your guest feel the love that be and exist amongst your staff, administrators, to the least concern.

A little show of love significantly turns to a ripple effect that affect and effect your recruitment day.

  • Brighten up the environment – Give your complex a little makeover. That doesn’t mean you need to spend millions of dollars on expensive makeovers.

You could brighten up the atmosphere with balloons, peanuts at the entrance, table and equipment rearrangement, etc.

  • Staff dressing – Special dress or attire for the say is not really a priority; however, if there is any customized T-shirts or anything that unifies your staff, it could be glorious to have them on.

Preferable something that has the crested name of the organization on it.

It could be the initials of the company name or a tag that shows the name or logo of your organization.

Recruitment Day Don’ts

Before understanding what not to do on your recruitmentday, you need to understand the main reason why you having a recruitment day in the first place.

  • Over Spend – Don’t go beyond your budget! This could wreck your financial plans.
  • Expensive Gifts – You don’t need to spoil your guests with expensive gifts and souvenirs. You can get something simple like snacks or better still a customized office souvenir like a notebook or pen.

Now, as an organization or would be employee, you are quite familiar with the rituals surrounding recruitment days and as such, should maximize the day to your advantage.

As an Employer, it’s a great day to see your would be employees.

As an employee, its your day to feel the culture and organizational structure of your would be employees.

Therefore, just go have fun when called for a recruitment day with an open hand!


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