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Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria November 2020 Guide – How to Apply

Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria November 2020 – Here is a guide to all Oil & Gas recruitment and how to apply. It lists all available careers and vacancies.

Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria November 2020 Career Guide

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The Nigerian oil and gas industry is categorized under upstream, mainstream, and the downstream sector.

Nigeria is an oil producing country and its also an avenue to engage the Nigerian youths.

There is always a need to recruit qualified hands for onshore and offshore jobs alongside other aspect of the petroleum industry in Nigeria.

This page covers all Oil and Gas jobs in Nigeria 2020, available vacancies and positions.

We have made the list random and not in any preferred order.

ExxonMobil Jobs 2020

ExxonMobil came into existence by the merger of ‘Exxon and Mobil’ with over 70,000 staff base.

ExxonMobil has grown to be one of the largest Oil & Gas company in Nigeria.

Official Website: corporate.exxonmobil.com

Established: 1999

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Shell Jobs 2020

The name Shell can’t be ignored when talking about the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

As a multinational corporation, Shell is a big player in the Oil & Gas industry not just in Nigeria but the world at large

Official Website: www.shell.com.ng

Established: 1937

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Chevron Jobs 2020

Chevron is an American company and competes with the like of Shell & ExxonMobil in the Oil & Gas sphere in Nigeria.

Chevron is also a great employer of Labour in the Nigerian Labour market and a destination for many job seekers.

Official Website: www.chevron.com

Established: 1879

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Conoil Jobs 2020

Conoil makes this list as an indigenous oil and gas company that was founded by the entrepreneur Mike Adenuga.

Conoil over the years has grown to take on the top Oil corporation and making this list as a top employer of labour.

Headquartered in Lagos, Conoil has many stations across the federation.

Official Website: www.conoilproducing.com

Established: 1927

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Total Jobs 2020

Total Nigeria is a marketing firm carved out from its parent, Total South Africa.

Total serves other nations and not just Nigeria and has maintained a great business modules which accommodates growth.

Your skills and academic qualification will surely be put to work in advancing the vision and mission of Total Nigeria.

Official Website: www.total.com.ng

Established: 1956

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Ardova Jobs 2020

Ardova makes this list as the former Forte Oil Plc as a Nigerian based Oil & Gas firm. Ardova also has axes in Ghana making it one of the top indigenous oil & gas firms in Nigeria.

Many would love to work with Ardova as their vision and missions are visible to all job seekers.

Official Website: www.ardovaplc.com

Established: 1964

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Lado Oil Jobs 2020

Lado Oil & Chemicals is a top Oil Marketer based in Lagos with base also in Abuja.

Lado is a top player in the downstream oil sector across Lagos and serving many locations and other top oil firms across the western region

Official Website: www.ladooil.com

Oando Jobs 2020

Oando is a top Oil & Gas player in Nigeria and also serving a ton of West African nations.

Oando is headquartered in Victoria Island, Lagos and have many oil produces like oil while providing other service.

Official Website: www.oandoplc.com

Established: 1956

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How to Apply for Oil & Gas Jobs (November 2020) in Nigeria

  • Select the trending jobs above and visit
  • See the available careers and vacancy
  • Go through the requirements as applicable
  • Submit your application or CV