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Aviation Jobs in Nigeria November 2020 – How to Apply

Aviation Jobs in Nigeria November 2020 – Here is an elaborated guide to all aviation recruitment in Nigeria and how to apply. This guide covers the available careers and vacancies.

Aviation Jobs in Nigeria November 2020 Guide

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Trending Aviation Jobs (November 2020)

Nigerians are quite familiar with the Aviation industry as it has become one of the top sources of revenue generation for the Nigerian economy.

The Aviation Ministry as many have come to know is not just about flights and helicopters but the Nigerian airways.

Below are some of the trending aviation jobs across the federation.

Arik Air Jobs 2020

Arik Air is one of the top airlines as relation to the Nigerian aviation sphere.

Arik Air does not just operate in Nigeria but other nations like Senegal, Liberia, and Ghana amongst others.

Official Website: www.arikair.com

Established: 2002

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Aero Contractors Jobs 2020

Aero Contractors is one of the leading players in the Nigerian Aviation industry. Aero does not just provide airplane services but also helicopter services.

Official Website: www.flyaero.com

Established: 1959

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Med-View Airline Jobs 2020

Med-View Airline has over 5 fleets and as a domestic airliner provides pilgrim services and other business charters.

Official Website: www.medviewairline.com

Established: 2007

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Dana Air Jobs 2020

Dana airline provides a diverse range of domestic flights within Nigeria. Setup in 2008, Dana is a name many can relate to as per services and operations.

Official Website: www.flydanaair.com

Established: 2008

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Overland Airways Jobs 2020

Overland Airways has more than 8 airlines and currently serving more than 10 destinations.

Overland has over a few hundred staffs and gradually embracing diverse innovation.

Official Website: www.overlandairways.com

Established: 2002

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Azman Air Jobs 2020

Azman Air has a hub at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport offering domestic air services in Nigeria.

Azman has established itself as a region based airline serving the northern part of Nigeria.

Official Website: www.airazman.com

Established: 2010

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Air Peace Jobs 2020

Air Peace has made its name touching nations like Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Liberia, SierraLeone, and the UAE.

Innovation is at the heart of Air Peace’s success and its great customer support system has made them trend in over 20 nations.

Official Website: www.flyairpeace.com

Established: 2013

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Dornier Aviation Jobs 2020

Dornier Aviation like some of the above-listed airlines offers chartered services within the region.

Known for private trips and medical lifts, Dornier since its formation in 1914 has evolved to meet up with trends.

Official Website: www.dananig.aero

Established: 1914

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Max Air Jobs 2020

Max Air is based in Kano and offering flight services to both private and scheduled air trips. You can charter Max Air for all things air trips.

Official Website: www.maxair.com.ng

Established: 2008

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Allied Air Jobs 2020

Allied Air currently boasts of 3 fleets with services ranging from Cargo and freight services. Serving Africa and its surroundings transporting goods as applicable.

Official Website: www.alliedairng.com

Established: 1998

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How to Apply for Aviation Jobs (November 2020)?

Applying for aviation jobs in Nigeria is simple and self explanatory.

  • Visit any of the Airflight company trending jobs listed above
  • Go through the list of available jobs
  • Access the available requirements to apply
  • Submit application and CV as applicable